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Self Love Club

kiana shoots boudoir experience

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These aren't just photos- this is a unique boudoir experience centered around inclusivity + empowerment.

Everyone is welcome in front of my lens and in the Self Love Club regardless of your gender, sexuality, expression, ethnicity, size, and experience!

This is a

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When you recieve your images, I want you say:


That's REALLY me?!"

So, I only do color editing, light skin smoothing, and blemish/brusie removal. The rest is allllllll you!

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Solo boudoir experiences start at a minimum of 2 hours for $700! 


This typically includes access to my client closet of lingerie and a collection of digital images.

Make-up, albums, prints, and additional time are available as add-ons. 

(Ask about my couple's packages!)


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